Saturday, 21 December 2013

The First Foray onto the Blogosphere

What to write? How to introduce myself? How to introduce the blog? I am full of trepidation as I make this first foray into the blogosphere: what if no-one reads my musings? Is this a mere vanity project? Do I care?

What is The Red Gazette? In essence it is inspired by the newspapermen of the Enlightenment. During this era many newspapers came into existence to push a particular viewpoint and then would go out of existence some months or years later as the originator of the newspaper either lost interest or financial backing. I believe that in this Digital Age the blog has taken the place of these original Enlightenment newspapers and this is what I intent The Red Gazette to be: a modern equivalent to the Enlightenment opinion piece.

No small feat, then. The Red Gazette is intended to be a platform for my (and the occasional guest) musings on current (and historic) events. Hopefully what follows in the coming weeks and months will interest someone. Hopefully someone will read what I write.        

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